Tuesday 27 April 2021

Net Zero: “If it’s not easy people won’t do it!”

Net Zero: “If it’s not easy people won’t do it!”

If measuring and recording your carbon isn't easy people won't even start on their net zero journey.

That's the verdict of Pete Starr the boss of a SME training company, Chilli Pepper Development, who started on his net zero journey this past year. He's employed the services of James Staniforth who runs Sustainable Business Services and is one of our Solution Partners using the future Net Zero Standard with CBN Expert.

They both shared time to discuss why the SME sector is key to getting to where we want to be.

Pete said: "It started off I wanted to do something. We're a microbusiness and often the thought is it's up to the big businesses to make an effort. But there's hundreds of thousands of microbusinesses out there and if we all take our part we can make that small difference that culminates."


He added: " I only thought about my (carbon) footprint in passing. Over my 20, 25 years in business I spent an awful lot of time in a car, on a train or a plane. So I knew I had a footprint but it was only through a conversation with James, I realised there is an ability to do something about that with a focus on the small business, micro business and self employed.

"I researched that but I didn't find it easy until I spoke to James about how to make that happen. And that is something that will hopefully improve, because if it's not easy people won't do it.

Easy solution

James says he knew straight away how to help in a simple, cost effective manner.

"Knowing Pete we spoke of longer term goals, medium term goals and short term goals and quickly established the future Net Zero Standard accompanied by Sustainable Business Services ongoing management service, can provide Pete that low cost service that helps them understand what their carbon footprint is.

"And then provide ongoing advice and support to help them reduce that footprint and I think Pete was surprised by the hands on approach we deliver and the ease of the dashboard."

Competitive advantage

As for the future Pete believes knowing and reducing his carbon, will help his business win business too.

"There's part of me that feels uncomfortable in promoting the business that way because I'm not doing it for that purpose. Having said that we're a business and if we fail I won't make any positive contribution.

"It certainly enables us to have a different conversation to most of our competitors which is great. It's a different value add so it can only be a good thing for us."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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