Friday 23 April 2021

Karma Automotive pledges to become net zero carbon by 2040

Karma Automotive pledges to become net zero carbon by 2040

Karma Automotive, a producer of luxury electric vehicles (EVs), has announced its commitment to become a net zero carbon company by 2040.

The company's pledge encompasses its production facility, supply chain partners and product lineup, which includes vehicles powered by both hybrid and pure electric powertrains and propulsion systems.

It has joined The Climate Pledge, which was co-founded by Amazon in 2019 and ensures a commitment to be net zero carbon across its business by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement.

Karma intends to collaborate with other signatories of The Climate Pledge on research and the development of green technologies in the automotive sector.

As part of The Pledge, the company will employ its collaborative Scope 3 emissions reporting system and share regular updates with the World Economic Forum.

Dr Lance Zhou, CEO of Karma Automotive said: “We would like the community to work towards action and to use this platform for true change and show a true commitment to the environment.

“We would like The Climate Pledge to continuously challenge those in the community to meet and exceed their goals.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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