Friday 23 April 2021

ENGIE expands its renewable energy product offering through partnership with Eocycle-XANT

ENGIE expands its renewable energy product offering through partnership with Eocycle-XANT

An increasing number of businesses are looking to generate their own renewable energy on-site. In response to this growing demand, ENGIE, Belgium’s largest producer of renewable energy, has expanded its product offering with a new wind turbine: The EOX M-26 is a mid-sized turbine designed and built by Eocycle-XANT. This technology complements ENGIE's range of decentralised green energy solutions and enables it to meet the diverse needs of its customers with solar panels and small-, medium- and large-size wind turbines.

The EOX M-26 is ideal for small businesses, agricultural installations and companies using large quantities of refrigeration as well as hospitals. It fits into any scenario that relies on continuous energy consumption and has sufficient space for the turbine and enough distance from residential areas.

See the turbine in action here.

The EOX M-26 is a 90kW turbine that can produce on average 260MWh annually. This represents the power consumption of 90 families and a reduction of CO2 emissions by 104 tonnes annually. That is equivalent to removing 52 diesel engine cars from the road permanently. This horizontal axis wind turbine is 51 meters (167 feet) tall at the tip of the blade. Given its size and power, it requires only an urban planning permit for installation.

The result of more than three decades of innovation, the EOX M-26 delivers the best cost-benefit ratio in its class while providing peace of mind for customers seeking reliable renewable power generation.

Under the partnership, ENGIE will manage customer requests and, depending on their needs, forward them to Eocycle-XANT, which will obtain the necessary permits, and manage turnkey installation and maintenance of the wind turbines.

ENGIE and Eocycle-XANT intend to install 10 wind turbines by 2022.

Annick Rossey, Chief Marketing and Sales at ENGIE Benelux: "With this expansion of our range of solutions to include the Eocycle-XANT wind turbine, ENGIE is now even better positioned to help its customers achieve carbon neutrality. This new collaboration strengthens our position as an innovative leader in the field. ENGIE believes in the strength of partnerships, such as the one with Eocycle-XANT, as a means through which we can help companies to meet their sustainability challenges."

Richard Legault, CEO of Eocycle-XANT: "This partnership has two objectives: First, to facilitate access to renewable and decentralised energy for companies in Belgium, and also to support our partner ENGIE in its desire to expand the number of solutions it offers. Our companies are both motivated to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by providing reliable energy solutions which deliver real value for customers."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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