Wednesday 21 April 2021

Advantage Utilities commits to going carbon-free by 2035

Advantage Utilities commits to going carbon-free by 2035

Advantage Utilities has committed to going entirely carbon-free by 2035.

The energy consultancy says it hopes to play its "full part in securing the long-term future of the planet by becoming more sustainable and reducing carbon emissions accordingly".

The firm states the move is aligned with its values and notes it follows a "comprehensive understanding and acknowledgement" of its corporate social responsibility.

It said: "We will be taking great pride in working towards and ultimately achieving this aim, with particular focus on how this is achieved, with carbon offsetting schemes used very much as a last resort and the onus being on continually evolving and improving working practices whilst taking advantage of available technology to reduce our carbon consumption.

"We also recognise that given our industry sector and as a trusted energy partner to many leading commercial enterprises up and down the country, we have a wider responsibility and a key role to play in helping the country achieve its net zero ambitions, that goes far beyond our own carbon footprint. To this end, by 2025, we will have spoken to every customer and explained the benefit of 100% renewable energy tariffs.

"Additionally, we will also have conversed with every client, regardless of size, about the opportunities presented by on-site generation and available energy efficiency measures and associated funding options, as well as the possibilities around carbon reporting functionality, carbon offsetting schemes and behavioural change management strategies.

"Our target will be to have 25% of our clients subscribed to a carbon reporting and management initiative such as The Future Net Zero standard by 2025, rising to 50% by 2028. Finally, we will commit to regularly chartering and publishing progress with regard to our own carbon reduction journey, as well as case studies of carbon reduction work carried out in conjunction with our respective clients, assuming their consent.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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