‘The pandemic proved we can’t continue to live the way we’re living’

HIVED’s Murvah Iqbal spoke to future Net Zero about her company’s mission for 100% zero-emission parcel deliveries and how the demands of the last year on the sector has shown this to be a necessity

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The pandemic proved we can’t continue to live the way we’re living.

That’s the suggestion from Murvah Iqbal, Co-Founder at HIVED, who spoke with future Net Zero about how the parcel delivery industry needs to change and her hope for HIVED to be at the forefront of this.

HIVED offers 100% emission-free parcel delivery; a sector that has seen an enormous surge in activity in light of the pandemic and people working from home.

Ms Iqbal stated the company’s aim is to set an example for other couriers and delivery services that this is a viable option and for the industry to follow suit.

She said: “We want to build a larger zero-emission parcel network.”

“We don’t want to be niche courier, we want to show all businesses that they can use the zero-emission parcel delivery option. We want to make it affordable and accessible for retailers of all sizes. That’s our mission essentially.”

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