‘The UK has the opportunity to lead the world in delivering net zero’

Kelly Becker, Zone President for Schneider Electric UK and Ireland, spoke to future Net Zero about the company’s net zero ambitions

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The UK has the opportunity to lead the world in delivering net zero, says Kelly Becker, Zone President for Schneider Electric UK and Ireland.

future Net Zero Founder Sumit Bose recently spoke to Kelly about the energy and digital technology giant’s green successes and aspirations, as well as how things have changed since it was crowned ‘the world’s most sustainable company’ in the Corporate Knights Global 100 Index at the start of this year.

She emphasised that she wants to help customers continue to deliver on their net zero journeys, taking their unique set of circumstances into account – each company is working at a different pace, with different considerations and different workforces, meaning that they need equally different approaches to achieve sustainable success.

Kelly also touched upon what Schneider Electric is doing to help facilitate net zero at the policy level.

She said: “Schneider Electric has built substantial relationships with the government in the last couple of years, quite frankly, to influence where the Prime Minister has announced he’s going from a net zero and green perspective, so I think that is definitely interesting and exciting for me. We’re seeing real opportunities in the UK along those lines.”

She added: “I’m also a really big believer in this idea of public-private partnerships. The government has to lead the way in terms of regulation and what the expectation is, but then it’s going to take a lot of work at private corporations to actually industrialise that, and that’s where I think we see our opportunity.

“Schneider Electric is in so many aspects of the market, from residential all the way up to the utility, and everything in between – we believe we can touch so many of those opportunities and make a difference in the market.”

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