Outgoing Energy Institute CEO says sector is changing for better

Louise Kingham spoke to future Net Zero about how she will leave the organisation for a new role at BP and what she hopes to deliver in her new position

Big Zero Report 2023

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The energy sector is changing for the better – and oil and gas giants need to be part of that journey.

That was the suggestion from the outgoing CEO of the Energy Institute, Louise Kingham, who has recently announced she will leave the organisation for a new role at BP after she stands down from her current role in April.

She spoke to future Net Zero Founder Sumit Bose about how she hoped she would be able to help the energy giant transition to net zero.

She said: “You cannot solve climate change unless you solve the energy challenge – you cannot solve the energy institute unless the oil and gas industry makes its contribution, because of its scale, its capabilities, its skills, its ability to finance and its work on a global level means you cannot deliver this without that part of the industry playing its part.

“That’s why it appeals to me, I could go into any sort of energy company and there’s lots and lot’s of places that I could go, but to me, in terms of making an impact and a big difference in the world, these organisations have to be part of the solution, and I think now they want to be.”

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