Surrey Police set roadmap to become net zero by 2030

The force is aiming to decarbonise its buildings and transport fleet on its route to carbon-neutrality

Big Zero Report 2023

Environmental and strategic consultancy Ricardo has developed a roadmap to help Surrey Police achieve net zero by 2030.

The roadmap will help the police force decarbonise its buildings and its transport fleet. Ricardo has also provided a carbon management plan outlining how these measures can be implemented, monitored and evaluated.

Stakeholder engagement workshops with key members of staff from Surrey Police were held to instigate the necessary cultural changes needed to make its net zero aims a reality.

Mohammad Rafique, Energy and Environment Manager at Surrey Police, commented: “Reaching net zero by 2030 is a huge challenge for us as a force and it is a target our chief officers are absolutely committed to achieving, in part through a new headquarters for which we aspire to achieve a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) excellent rating.

“Ricardo’s input in helping us to kick off this piece of work was invaluable for me as the lead because they brought industry expertise into this project. The team helped us to understand the challenges surrounding decarbonising our large operational fleet and the heating of our buildings.

“Ricardo was able to offer us the step-by-step approach we required to address both the net zero commitment and to ensure we are being as efficient with our budget as possible.”

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