Cambridgeshire County Council announces new framework to reach net zero by 2050

It will invest £80m over the next four years to boost EVs, energy efficiency and low carbon heating solutions

Big Zero Report 2023

SSE Enterprise and Bouygues Energies & Services have been selected by Cambridgeshire County Council to help develop a series of energy projects to help it reach its aim of becoming a net zero region by 2050.

The two companies will work together to produce a net zero framework, with the estimated cost of the total projects being £80 million over the next four years.

The projects will aim to improve the energy efficiency of publicly-owned assets such as buildings and car parks and lower the emissions produced from areas such as transport and rural estate. The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) will be a priority, as well as the installation of low carbon heating solutions and energy storage.

Cambridgeshire County Council has stated its desire to use the framework to boost the green economic recovery post-pandemic, providing new green jobs and business opportunities for the area.

Some green measures have already been implemented, such as the 12MW solar farm located near Soham, which the council states has exceeded expectations. Its previous measures have generated an additional revenue of £1.3 million and reduced the county’s annual carbon emissions by close to 7,000 tonnes.

The council aims to build on this progress with the new framework.

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