How to calculate your business emissions in a WFH world

Most workplaces still haven’t got around to tackling carbon reporting under the WFH scenario – Energise have a brand-new resource to guide you

Big Zero Report 2023

An estimated 47% of the otherwise office-based working population in the UK are currently working from home. The sudden shift came with a plethora of challenges that were extensively documented, including but certainly not limited to: juggling job priorities with homeschooling, inadequate desk set-ups or the risk of isolation.

One consequence most workplaces didn’t yet get around to tackling is carbon reporting under this scenario. Energise have a brand-new resource to guide you. Over the past few months, they worked with customers and partners to run a model and narrowed it down to three emission scenarios to compare. The analysis will also provide some insight to those organisations who are reflecting on what is the most sustainable option going forward, as the economy sets out on the path to recover from the impacts of this pandemic.

You can download the full blog here.

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