Tuesday 23 February 2021

‘High-tech tree planting is the key to counteracting corporate emissions’

‘High-tech tree planting is the key to counteracting corporate emissions’

High-tech tree planting is the key to counteracting corporate emissions.

That was among the suggestions from Rebekah Braswell, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Land Life Company, who spoke to Future Net Zero about how large-scale reforestation can prove an essential tool in businesses' corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies.

The company aims to restore two billion hectares of degraded land through tree planting in a way that improves biodiversity, supports natural habitats and provides economic benefits to local people.

The tree planting works as a type of nature-based carbon offset and Land Life Company employs a range of cutting-edge technologies to maximise the positive impacts of its projects.

It uses GPS-enabled automated planting systems, a tree monitoring app and even drones to plan, deliver and monitor its tree-planting schemes to ensure they can absorb as much greenhouse gas as possible whilst also benefitting the surrounding landscape and its ecosystems.

Rebekah Braswell said: "We collect data on all of our tree planting - what worked well, what didn't, and we use that as input into our planting design so we can think about what to do differently - a north-facing slope versus a south-facing slope, what species do better in which climate, how did that seedling start, what were the conditions in the nursery?

"We've captured all this data in our proprietary database and we're starting to develop machine learning algorithms that will help us to answer all of those questions."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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