Corporate action on electric vehicles doubles in 2020

New report finds that corporate companies had 169,000 EVs on the roads last year, double the amount in 2019

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Major companies have doubled their action on electric vehicles (EVs) throughout 2020, according to a report from non-profit organisation Climate Group.

The data has been collected from Climate Group’s ‘EV100 Progress and Insights Report’, which holds information on 101 major global businesses across 80 markets.

The report states that the number of EVs multinational companies have on the roads rose to 169,000 in 2020.

The number that corporate companies have committed to having on the roads by 2030 has increased by 80% to 4.8 million. This is more than the number of vehicles sold across all of Germany each year.

The companies in the initiative are also changing their offices and stores, with a large increase in planned charging infrastructure. The report states that 6,500 new locations will having charge points installed, a 103% increase on 2019.

Sandra Roling, Head of Transport at the Climate Group, stated: “Corporate uptake of electric vehicles is on a roll. Despite the uncertainty of 2020, the business community has made remarkable progress in transitioning its fleets. The EV revolution is underway.

“With the UN climate conference COP26 due in Glasgow at the end of the year, 2021 is the year of climate action. We need businesses to lead from the front. Now is the time for every company with a fleet or an employee car scheme to join EV100 and commit to going electric.”

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