NatWest and Octopus Energy join forces to make EV charging more affordable

NatWest customers will be able to purchase EV charge points at discounted rates

Big Zero Report 2023

NatWest and Octopus Energy have teamed up to make electric vehicle (EV) charging more affordable.

The partnership will see NatWest customers purchase EV chargers at discounted rates and get access to Octopus Energy’s public charging network.

According to a recent report by the RAC, 43% of drivers want the government to set a binding national target regarding access to public charging infrastructure, such as ensuring 95% of the population live no further than five miles from the nearest charge point.

James Close, Head of Climate Change at NatWest Group, commented: “We are determined to play an active role in the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy and accelerating the take up of electric vehicles is a crucial part of the transition.”

Greg Jackson, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Octopus Energy, commented: “Transport accounts for a third of the UK’s carbon emissions, making it the country’s largest emitting sector and in desperate need of transformation if we are to reach net zero.”

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