Schneider Electric partners with Immersive Labs to launch virtual Cyber Academy

Through the academy, Schneider Electric aims to enable businesses to be more secure by training employees at all levels and monitoring workplace capabilities

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Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, partners with Immersive Labs to provide industry-leading virtual Cyber Academy.

Through the academy, Schneider Electric aims to enable businesses to be more secure by training employees at all levels and monitoring workplace capabilities. The focus extends beyond preparing companies to react to the threats, instead proactively identifying deficiencies and improving preparedness, throughout organisations.

The Schneider Electric Cyber Academy provides on-demand access to world-class cybersecurity training, onboarding and platform orientation, gamified entry-level skills platform from Immersive Labs, instant access to over 200 labs and monitoring of improvements in workforce capability.

The training system also provides companies with the opportunity to battle-test teams against emerging fabricated threats. These include scenarios based on cyber incidents such as Norsk Hydro, to test your operations teams Crisis Management process against. By asking users to apply their skills to real-world challenges and find real-world solutions, teams leave this training with realistic learning that they can put into action.

Cyber-attacks are a constant risk, with malicious actors constantly evolving their modes of attack. The traditional approach of yearly, company-wide training is no longer sufficient. The Schneider Cyber Academy is continually updated to stay relevant and ensure employees have an understand the current threats.

The academy provides bespoke education programmes to target potential gaps, with inbuilt scoring mechanisms to encourage development and engagement. Users are given a set number of tasks based on their role and, as time is a precious commodity for all businesses, participants can complete the training sessions at their own pace. Also, workers will only have to complete the sessions relevant to them, due to the Academy’s ability to cater programs to specific employees. This approach ensures that training remains useful for each individual, maintaining employee engagement.

“People are the first and most susceptible line of defence against cyber-attacks. It is therefore more important than ever to ensure your teams are trained to deal with the plethora of threats they face,” said Victor Lough, Cyber Security and Advanced Digital Services Business Lead at Schneider Electric. “The Schneider Electric Cyber Academy enables training to continue remotely and be time-efficient for all involved. With more employees than ever working from home, ensuring security protocols and training are up-to-date must be a key priority not just now, but for the foreseeable future.”

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