Wednesday 27 January 2021

IKEA assembles new agenda for more sustainable wood use

IKEA assembles new agenda for more sustainable wood use

IKEA has launched its Forest Positive Agenda for 2030, which aims to raise the standard of global responsible forest management and support more environmentally-friendly sourcing of the material.

The furniture and retail giant says the plan aims to further enhance biodiversity, tackle climate change and use wood in more innovative ways.

It states that more than 98% of the wood it uses for its products is now either FSC-certified or recycled, and pledges to create a third of its wood range from recycled sources by 2030.

It also commits to safeguarding biodiversity, supporting the rights and needs of people who live in and depend on forests, using wood in more circular ways through improved product design, ensuring that the sourcing of other raw materials is not contributing to deforestation or conversion of natural ecosystems and continuing to only use sustainably-sourced wood.

Inter IKEA Group CEO Jon Abrahamsson Ring said: "At IKEA, we want to make responsible forest management the norm, to stop deforestation, enhance biodiversity and support people who depend on forests for their livelihood. Responsibly managed forests also play a vital role in climate change mitigation.

"By enforcing strict requirements, and partnering with different organisations across the world, we have contributed to moving the forestry sector forward. Still the pressure on the world’s forests and the surrounding eco-systems is increasing. Now it is time to take an even more holistic approach to protect and support these important resources for generations to come."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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