Paving the way for businesses to start their net zero journey

Sean Langford from SmartestEnergy and Experienced Energy Solutions’ Craig Watson told future Net Zero how sustainably-minded businesses can get started on going green

Net Hero Podcast

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Setting meaningful decarbonisation targets, switching to a 100% renewable energy supply and making a conscious effort to step up efficiency are the best ways for a business to get started on the road to net zero.

That was the suggestion from Sean Langford, Channel Development Manager at renewable energy supplier SmartestEnergy and Craig Watson, Operations Director at Experienced Energy Solutions, a consultancy championing the leading role of the energy sector in driving the transition to net zero.

Following the launch of SmartestEnergy’s ‘Fast-track to Net Zero’ campaign and a collaborative project led by Experienced Energy solutions called Birmingham Net Zero, the two energy experts spoke to Energy Live News’ Jonny Bairstow to share how they are providing the products, tools and know-how to get sustainability-minded businesses started on their journey.

Mr Langford said: “For those of you who know SmartestEnergy, you’ll know that as well as supplying electricity to large businesses, we were initially established as a power purchase business, working with independent generators across the UK. We are an energy company that champions independent renewable generation and empowers UK businesses to make an active contribution to the UK’s net zero targets.

“Net zero can be a minefield for businesses! With many definitions and interpretations, it’s confusing to get started, so we see our role, as a supplier, to equip our customers with the products and tools they need to deliver against their net zero targets over the next 5-10 years, whether that be a renewable supply contract, energy efficiency management tools or facilitating a partnership with a renewable project on a corporate PPA.”

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