Friday 22 January 2021

Start-up claims new battery is 40% lower in emissions than market standard

Start-up claims new battery is 40% lower in emissions than market standard

Finnish start-up Geyser Batteries claims its batteries have been certified as having a much lower carbon footprint than typical battery products.

The batteries, along with Geyser’s research, have been validated by the VTT, a Finnish state-owned research institution that works to research and bring technologies to markets.

Geyser calculated the Greenhouse Gas emissions from its electrochemical recuperators (ECRs). It claims the carbon footprint of ECR production is 74% lower than that of comparable technology, supercapacitors.

The lithium-ion battery is the most common type of battery in the European market and Geyser has calculated its ECR-produced battery emits 40% less emissions than these.

The study has also shown ECRs to be a more sustainable option, given that they use neither conflict minerals or toxic electrolytes. The ECR is deemed to be fully fire-safe, recyclable and 40% of the materials used in its production are from a renewable or recycled origin.

“The results of the calculation together with a third-party assessment prove that we really walk the talk when it comes to the sustainability of our products.

Our aim is to set an example for Europe’s battery manufacturing industry and to lead way for the European Commission’s Battery Regulation, which will legally ensure that batteries placed on the EU market have a low carbon footprint, are circular, durable, and safe”, said Daria Hedberg, Business Development and ESG at Geyser Batteries.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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