Friday 22 January 2021

Scottish Government embarks on ‘green ports’ journey

Scottish Government embarks on ‘green ports’ journey

The Scottish Government has unveiled proposals for new 'green ports' that will operate with net zero goals and fair work practices.

According to the Scottish Government’s green ports scheme, operators and businesses must commit to supporting sustainable and inclusive growth in local communities, contribute to Scotland’s transition to net zero and adopt the 'Scottish Business Pledge'.

The 'Scottish Business Pledge' is a partnership between the Scottish Government and businesses and is aimed to support fairness, equality and sustainable employment.

Trade Minister Ivan McKee said: "We propose to take the freeport model and apply Scotland’s priorities to it so that it meets our ambition to deliver a net zero, wellbeing economy that upholds the highest standards of environmental protection and fair work practices and supports our strategy of building clusters of high productivity businesses across Scotland’s regions.

"The Scottish green port model will be an exemplar, adopting best practice which helps deliver our net zero emissions and fair work principles, alongside supporting regeneration and innovation ambitions."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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