Chevron to fund carbon capture tech startup in bid to lower emissions in its operations

The investment will support Blue Planet’s technology that captures carbon dioxide and uses it in the production of building materials

Big Zero Report 2023

The US oil giant Chevron has announced it will invest in the carbon capture tech startup Blue Planet in a bid to decarbonise its operations.

The investment will be made through the company’s ‘Future Energy Fund’ which is designed to support startups with low carbon technologies that can scale commercially.

The two companies have also signed a letter of intent to collaborate on potential pilot projects.

Blue Planet’s technology captures carbon dioxide and uses it as a raw material for making carbonate rocks – these carbonate rocks are used for the production of building materials.

Barbara Burger, Vice President of Innovation and President of Technology Ventures at Chevron, said: “Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage, or CCUS, is viewed to be essential to advancing progress toward the global net zero ambition of the Paris Agreement.”

Brent Constantz, Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientist at Blue Planet, said: “The investment may also provide future opportunities to incorporate Blue Planet’s approach into Chevron’s projects.”

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