Thursday 14 January 2021

Siemens partnership to develop offshore wind to hydrogen solution

Siemens partnership to develop offshore wind to hydrogen solution

Siemens Gamesa and Siemens Energy are teaming up for the development of a fully integrated offshore wind to hydrogen solution as part of their efforts to decarbonise the economy.

They aim to develop an innovative solution that fully integrates an electrolyser into an offshore wind turbine as a single synchronised system to directly produce green hydrogen.

The two companies intend to provide a full-scale offshore demonstration of the solution by 2025 or 2026, with the developments expected to enable the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors such as transport and heavy industry.

They also expect the solution to help lower the cost of hydrogen by being able to run off grid, opening up more and better wind sites.

Siemens Gamesa plans to invest €80 million (£71m) and Siemens Energy plans to commit €40 million (£36m) in the project over five years.

Andreas Nauen, Siemens Gamesa CEO said: “Our more than 30 years of experience and leadership in the offshore wind industry, coupled with Siemens Energy’s expertise in electrolysers, brings together brilliant minds and cutting-edge technologies to address the climate crisis.

“Our wind turbines play a huge role in the decarbonisation of the global energy system and the potential of wind to hydrogen means that we can do this for hard-to-abate industries too. It makes me very proud that our people are a part of shaping a greener future.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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