NewMotion to provide Fiat Chrysler fleet customers with EV charging solutions

The partnership promises to offer smart operations for EV charge points at workplaces and homes

Shell’s electric vehicle (EV) charging arm NewMotion has partnered with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) to provide the manufacturer’s corporate fleet customers with electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions.

The partnership promises to accelerate the installation of EV charge points at customers’ workplaces and their employee homes.

The plan is also to provide businesses with a charge card with access to more than 165,000 public charge points in Europe. 

NewMotion will also offer the companies the chance to have all their installed charge points connected to a smart system, allowing them to make the most efficient use of the available charging infrastructure.

Roberto Di Stefano, Head of e-Mobility Region Europe, Middle East and Africa at FCA, said: “These are simple, innovative solutions that can transform any issues business clients may encounter with new types of e-mobility into opportunities.”

Melanie Lane, Chief Executive Officer of NewMotion, commented: “Our ecosystem of smart charging solutions that spans a large number of European countries means business customers who operate internationally or have multiple locations can be sure they can access the same solutions everywhere.”

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