Monday 14 December 2020

Apple CEO urges action on climate change at UN’s Climate Ambition Summit

Apple CEO urges action on climate change at UN’s Climate Ambition Summit

Apple's Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook has urged governments and corporates to accelerate their actions on climate change.

Mr Cook delivered a speech during the UN’s Climate Ambition Summit and stressed that leaders of nations and companies around the world have a ‘burden to act’ to address climate change during a ‘moment of historic urgency’.

During the summit, which was co-hosted by the UN, the UK and France and held on the fifth anniversary of Paris Agreement, he highlighted Apple’s environmental initiatives, including its goal of achieving carbon-neutrality across its entire supply chain and product usage by 2030.

He said: “This year we accelerated our progress. We became carbon-neutral for our worldwide corporate emissions. Already, we are helping 95 of our suppliers' transition to 100% renewable energy, a number we continue to grow.

“We see every part of our device lifecycle, from design to manufacturing, to durability and repair, to recycling, as an opportunity for environmental innovation, moving us towards our goal of a closed-loop supply chain.”

Earlier this year, the Environmental Audit Committee said tech companies like Apple are contributing to e-waste by making their products difficult to repair and charging expensive repair fees.

Apple commenting on the Environmental Audit Committee’s remarks, said it was surprised and disappointed with the report as it didn’t reflect any of Apple’s efforts to conserve resources and protect the planet.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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