Coventry University academics launch book to address rural electrification challenges

The work explores future energy technologies, the role of renewable energy systems and the threat of climate change

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Coventry University academics have launched a book which aims to solve energy transition challenges for areas outside towns and cities.

The book explores future energy technologies, the role of renewable energy systems and the threat of climate change.

Titled ‘Rural Electrification’, the work provides an assessment of different energy supply technologies and scenarios, comparing positive and negative aspects of fossil fuels and renewable energy resources for rural electrification.

It also focuses on the environmental and social implications of the deployment of renewable energy projects in developing countries.

Dr Najib Altawell, Lecturer in Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuels at Coventry University, said: “Our work describes optimal economics, planning and policy for electrification where there is no access to electricity and reviews how practitioners can achieve cost reductions for rural energy supply using existing technologies.

“It addresses routes to power rural electrification within a transitioning energy economy while simultaneously accounting for climate change considerations.”