AI-equipped vertical farm launches in London to multiply efficiency and minimise energy usage

The new farm uses technology which promises to increase production by 172% while using 60% less energy, compared to other vertical farms

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Deptford in Southeast London has become the home of a new vertical farm, designed to use artificial intelligence (AI) software to multiply production and minimise energy usage.

The new 1,500-cubic metre farm, which has been developed, installed and managed by Vertical Future, will use more than 5,000 sensors to automatically monitor and adjust plants’ conditions.

The technology promises to increase production by 172% while using approximately 60% less energy than other vertical farms.

Vertical Future’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jamie Burrows, said: “We have launched an advanced, intelligent, end-to-end system providing superior tasting and better crops for the future for both food and pharmaceutical production at an affordable price-point.

“Exploitation of land, loss of biodiversity and overuse of the earth’s natural resources are damaging to our environment and vertical farming offers one long-term solution. We take vertical farming a giant leap further, adopting a holistic approach by offering fully automated and intelligent systems that offer endless possibilities.”

Image: Vertical Future
Image: Vertical Future