Uniper and Fortum deepen relationship to become more sustainable

The power firms say they plan to move towards lower carbon portfolios and look to shift away from coal in favour of natural gas

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Uniper and Fortum are stepping up their partnership to jointly tackle their growth, performance and sustainability goals more effectively.

The energy firms say they plan to move towards lower carbon portfolios, with Uniper claiming that moving away from coal and expanding its gas business is “the fastest way to significantly reduce carbon dioxide” – natural gas produces signficantly less emissions than coal when burned but it is still a fossil fuel and contributes to climate change.

Uniper also says it aims to develop hydrogen and renewable energy technologies and notes it is working on lowering the environmental impacts of its gas-fired power plants in order to work towards net zero.

The new announcement will also see the businesses strive to develop products for transmission system operators to improve network stability and expand trading in emission-free raw materials.

The firms said: “With the existing working groups from Uniper and Fortum, we can coordinate the business potential that has already been identified even better and drive the future development of both companies towards climate-neutrality.

“These initiatives are further evaluated by Fortum and Uniper as part of the governance of each individual company to ensure that final decisions about specific measures are in the best interests of the respective company and all of its stakeholders. Uniper’s co-determination committees are involved – and we will need the strength of everyone at both Uniper and Fortum to successfully stay on course with future challenges in the energy business.”