Stone wool manufacturer ROCKWOOL to cut emissions by 38% by 2034

The company has also committed to reducing non-factory lifecycle emissions by 20% by 2034

Stone wool manufacturer ROCKWOOL has committed to reducing its factory emissions by 38% by 2034.

Among the science-based global decarbonisation targets that have been verified and approved by the Science Based Targets initiative, the company has also promised to cut non-factory, lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by 20% in the same timeframe.

These targets translate to one-third reduction of ROCKWOOL’s lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions.

The firm recently converted two Danish factories to natural gas and certified ‘climate-neutral’ biogas and it plans to convert one more in Poland.

In addition, the company will introduce what is claimed to become the industry’s largest electric melter in a factory in Norway.

According to ROCKWOOL’s estimations, its building insulation products sold in 2019 are predicted to save 100 times the carbon emitted in their production – that is the equivalent of the annual carbon emissions of the Netherlands.

ROCKWOOL Group Chief Executive Officer Jens Birgersson said: “We’re proud to be among the few energy-intensive manufacturing companies whose science-based emission reduction targets SBTi has verified and approved.

“These new targets build on the strong foundation that we are already a net carbon negative company. Though not many companies can make that claim, we also know it’s not enough, which is why we have committed to this ambitious decarbonisation pathway.”

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