Deutsche Bahn and Siemens Mobility launch hydrogen train project trial

The partnership will see the development of a new hydrogen train and a filling station

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Deutsche Bahn (DB) and Siemens Mobility have launched a project to build a new hydrogen train and a filling station, with the trial being scheduled for 2024.

The train, which will have an operating range of up 600 kilometres, will replace a conventional diesel-powered unit running on the German local rail network and is expected to save around 330 tonnes of carbon dioxide in one year.

DB will refit one of its maintenance facilities for servicing the hydrogen-powered train and will develop a fuelling station that promises to refuel the train in the same time as it takes a diesel-powered train to refuel.

Professor Sabina Jeschke, DB Board Member for Digitalisation and Technology, said: “We need to bring our fossil fuel consumption down to zero. Only then can DB be climate-neutral by 2050. By that point, we won’t have a single diesel-powered train operating in our fleet.”

Michael Peter, Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Mobility, commented: “This innovative technology will make hydrogen-powered train operations faster, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Hydrogen drives are an advanced, emission-free form of propulsion that will help decarbonise rail transport and make a significant contribution toward achieving our climate targets.”