Shell to offer Canadian drivers option to offset their fuel for two cents per litre

The scheme will support initiatives for the conservation of rainforests and the protection of forests from timber harvesting

Shell petrol station

Shell Canada has launched a programme which will offer its Canadian customers the option to offset the fuel they purchase from its stations across the country for two cents (0.76p) per litre.

That will start after an introductory period which lasts until 31st December, during which drivers can participate in the programme at no extra cost.

Shell will offset customers’ emissions by purchasing verified carbon credits from Canadian and international projects which work to conserve rainforests and protect forests from timber harvesting.

Andrea Brecka, General Manager Retail of Shell Canada, said: “Our customers have told us they want more ways to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and make a difference, but they don’t always know what actions to take.

“Our Drive Carbon Neutral program is designed to help make it simpler for Shell customers to address their carbon footprint today, by offsetting their fuel purchase.”

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