Wednesday 11 November 2020

Sutton Housing Partnership enlists ENGIE for net zero carbon retrofit pilot

Sutton Housing Partnership enlists ENGIE for net zero carbon retrofit pilot

ENGIE will utilise its recently launched whole house retrofit model - ENGIE Zero – to deliver a pilot project to an initial eight homes in one of the first schemes of its type within the London boundary, which is part of Mayor of London’s Energy Leap Initiative.

SHP has received capital funding to allow the homes to undergo a programme of works; which will result in energy savings far exceeding standard retrofit approaches – with a 30 year performance guarantee.  Additional support has been provided through the Mayor of London’s Retrofit Accelerator – Homes programme, with SHP keen to roll out the approach to additional homes next year.

ENGIE Zero offers a one stop shop for local authorities, housing associations and registered providers to decentralise, digitalise and decarbonise homes in a way that is derived from the Energiesprong performance standard.

Energy efficiency measures delivered by ENGIE for SHP will include an air tight wrap to the eight selected properties, as well as installing a pre-fabricated super insulated facade and roof system with intergrated solar PV panels to generate electricity at the point of use.  New high performance windows and doors will replace older models and air source heat pumps will also introduce renewable heating.  These works coupled with a real time monitoring and maintenance programme will ensure occupant satisfaction and building energy performance.

ENGIE Zero can show savings against a ‘Business as Usual’ scenario for Clients’ planned and responsive investment budgets and deployed patient capital.  These savings are combined with other revenue streams and government incentives to finance the upfront costs of the works.

James Cook, Divisional Director for ENGIE UK & Ireland, said : “This is a commendable venture from the Mayor of London, Sutton Housing Partnership and Sutton Council.  The climate emergency remains the single biggest threat we face and London’s existing buildings are responsible for nearly 80 per cent of city’s CO2 emissions – so investment in retrofitting existing stock is paramount.

“Our principal goal as an organisation, is to support our partners across both the public and private sector to meet their net zero ambitions and offer viable solutions which will support them in achieving this.  This is why we brought the ENGIE Zero offer to market.  We have utilised the Energiesprong model for other clients in the UK and delivered some of the country’s first zero carbon homes.

“We look forward to putting our expertise into practise for SHP; granting residents with warmer, healthier and more affordable homes and aiding the journey to net zero carbon one home at a time.”

The initial eight pilot units have the potential to pave the way for zero energy retrofitting at scale, radically changing the approach to energy efficiency and helping eradicate fuel poverty.

Steve Tucker, Managing Director of Sutton Housing Partnership, said: “It’s fantastic that our residents will benefit from lower energy bills, warmer homes and a more sustainable future, as a result of this funding.  We’re very proud to be working towards a carbon neutral borough and supporting Sutton Council in its ambitious plans to tackle the climate emergency.”

Councillor Jayne McCoy, Deputy Leader and Chair of the Housing, Economy and Business Committee, Sutton Council added: "We are delighted to be at the forefront of an ambitious response to the climate emergency. Retrofitting these homes will enable residents to live comfortably and low-carbon, while helping Sutton meet its aim of becoming carbon-neutral.

"Being part of this scheme will support our Ambitious for Sutton programme to encourage sustainable living and improve the physical environment of our residents.”

Planning approval has been granted and ENGIE will deliver the initial construction works over the coming months.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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