Tuesday 10 November 2020

Petrochemicals giant INEOS launches new clean hydrogen business

Petrochemicals giant INEOS launches new clean hydrogen business

INEOS has announced the launch of a new clean hydrogen business as part of its drive towards net zero carbon emissions.

The new business, which will be headquartered in the UK, aims to build capacity to produce hydrogen across the INEOS network of sites in Europe.

The company, through its subsidiary INOVYN, currently produces around 300,000 tonnes of hydrogen a year, mainly as a co-product from its chemical manufacturing operations.

It is said to be Europe's largest existing operator of electrolysis, the technology that uses renewable energy to produce hydrogen for power generation, transportation and industrial use.

INEOS is already involved in several projects to develop hydrogen and replace existing carbon-based sources of energy, feedstocks and fuel.

It plans to work closely with governments across Europe to ensure the necessary infrastructure is put in place to facilitate hydrogen's major role in the new green economy.

Wouter Bleukx, Business Unit Manager Hydrogen at INEOS said: “Hydrogen is an important part of a climate neutral economy that has been discussed for decades. Finally, a hydrogen-fuelled economy is within reach as transportation in the UK, Germany, France and other countries begins to run on this carbon-free technology.

“With extensive experience in electrolysis, INEOS is uniquely placed to support these new opportunities, driven by emerging demand for affordable zero carbon energy sources.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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