Friday 6 November 2020

New digital platform launched to accelerate transition to EVs

New digital platform launched to accelerate transition to EVs

Developed in partnership with software-as-a-service specialist Alyne, the information service provides users with easy access to relevant insights, compliance and guidance to inform decision-making.

The launch of Paladin comes after extensive market research by Gemserv to understand the complex barriers preventing a faster transition to EVs.

The subscription service provides digital access to structured, filtered, connected and searchable use-case content and business controls relevant to a customer’s products and services.

It will address all aspects of the EV landscape, from fleet procurement and charging infrastructure to funding and consumer protection.

By providing an affordable, future-proofed and fact-based digital information service, Paladin will enable businesses to navigate a complex new landscape and ensure compliance with market rules, standards and best practice. It will also support a collaborative approach across sectors to resolve underlying issues in the market.

Paladin will help organisations:

  • Explore the use cases, rules, standards and compliance requirements relevant to them;
  • Support decision-making based on quality insights;
  • De-risk investments through informed assessment of opportunities; and
  • Upskill staff and raise awareness of key issues around the transition to electric vehicles.

Trevor Hutchings, Director of Strategy and Communications at Gemserv, said:

“Our way of life is under threat from an environmental crisis, whether that’s air pollution, climate change or the degradation of nature. The call for action is now, and this includes the change to cleaner transport and electric vehicles.  However, this is not happening quickly enough nor at the scale required.

“This is because the transition to electric vehicles is not a simple like-for-like switch from fossil fuels to electricity. It involves extremely challenging and complex interdependencies between industry sectors, new rules and standards and, of course, extensive market and consumer engagement to build confidence in this new technology. Paladin is a digital subscription service which can support businesses in leading the transition to electric vehicles.”

Karl Viertel, CEO at Alyne, said:

“My co-founders and I are really passionate about electric mobility – and I love driving my electric vehicle.

“The opportunity to play a role in shaping a more powerful infrastructure to share this passion with others is an excellent use of Alyne’s technology and talent. Alyne’s RegTech solution helps to make this transition to electric easier through simplifying compliance with the regulations and laws across industry sectors. Alyne is designed for companies of the future, which is why we have partnered with Gemserv  to provide Paladin, to deliver the technology to help you confidently navigate your business through the compliance, risk management and regulatory transition towards green transport.”

For more information on Paladin, please visit or contact a member of the team at

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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