Wednesday 4 November 2020

‘The Standard will allow you to realise the commercial benefits of net zero’

‘The Standard will allow you to realise the commercial benefits of net zero’

The future Net Zero Standard will allow your business to realise the long-term commercial benefits of net zero.

That's the call from Delvin Lane, CEO of Utility Team, who spoke to us about why he was backing the future Net Zero Standard and how it means many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) will be able to save money, go green and really make the most of stepping up their sustainability credentials for the first time.

The future Net Zero Standard is an intuitive and simple-to-use way for you to record where you are in terms of carbon footprint, monitor your decarbonisation progress and benchmark yourself against the rest of your sector.

Noting that the tool is "really simple to use, really clear and focused", he highlighted that the SME population makes up a significant part of the UK's economy and stressed it was "really important to take them on this journey" if the country is to reach its goal of entirely decarbonising by 2050.

The CEO said future Net Zero's great partners and collegiate nature in sharing views and ideas was a major attraction.

He added: "The Standard going forward is really critical for all businesses - we support a number of UK businesses, probably close to 2,000 now, a good number of which are small- and medium-sized businesses, and there's been very little support for them in trying to understand what future sustainability is and what net zero is.

"For the future Net Zero standard to come along, it was absolutely perfect for us to grab hold of that, not only for our own business operations but also to ensure that we can support our customers going forward."

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Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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