HS1 on track to become ‘UK’s first’ renewable-powered rail company

The high-speed railway has secured renewable energy certificates from its supplier npower Business Solutions for its trains and stations

Big Zero Report 2023

HS1 has announced it is on track to become the first train line in the country to fully operate on renewable energy.

The high-speed rail company, which links London, Kent and the Channel Tunnel said its energy supplier, npower Business Solutions, had provided certificates confirming that energy used by its trains and at its stations come from 100% renewable sources, specifically solar and wind energy.

The company, which has also pledged to be carbon-neutral in a decade, noted the international high-speed line already removes the equivalent of 60,000 short-haul flights, which translates to 750,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent every year.

In a statement, HS1 said: “We continue to work with our international operator Eurostar and domestic operator Southeastern High Speed to reduce the carbon footprint of every passenger by 25% and energy per train journey by 10%.”

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