Swansea schools ‘to save £6,200 every year’ on electricity bills with solar installations

Three schools will be fitted with a total of 220kW rooftop solar installations, which is forecast to reduce electricity bills by £6,200 a year

Three schools in Swansea in Wales expect to see their electricity bills reduced by £6,200 a year as a result of new solar installations.

The school buildings will be fitted with 220kW of rooftop solar panels, which are forecast to cut carbon dioxide emissions by about 1,400 tonnes in the next 20 years.

Energy is also expected to be exported onto the grid for use in the city.

The project is part of a partnership between Swansea Council, the community organisation Egni Co-op and the Welsh Government Energy Service that aims to help the authority in its aims to become a carbon-neutral by 2030.

Sarah Hunt, Business Manager at Gowerton Comprehensive, said: “We are delighted with our new solar panels. Our young people are very keen to tackle climate change and it’s great that the school has been able to reduce its carbon footprint.”

Jim Cardy, Senior Manager for Welsh Government Energy Service, commented: “This project is a great example of community energy groups working closely with a local authority partner in Wales to tackle the climate emergency.

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