BMW partners with Off Grid Energy to give second life to retired EV batteries

Old BMW and MINI EV battery modules will be used to build new charging infrastructure

Net Hero Podcast

BMW Group UK has announced a new partnership with the energy storage company Off Grid Energy to create a second-life solution for BMW and MINI electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

The German carmaker will supply Off Grid Energy with old battery modules to create mobile charging units.

The first prototype charging point, which is powered by lithium-ion battery modules extracted from a MINI Electric development vehicle is now operational and has a 40kWh capacity delivering a 7.2kW fast charge.

Graeme Grieve, Chief Executive Officer of BMW Group UK, said: “BMW Group will have 25 electrified models on the roads by 2023, half of them fully electric. We are delighted to work with Off Grid Energy to find a sustainable way of continuing to use these valuable batteries.”