Two solar farms to provide 33 Cambridge colleges with 80% of their energy

A total of 131 sites will be connected to the two projects, which have a combined capacity of 35MW

Two solar farms in Cambridge are set to generate enough power to cover 80% of the annual energy needs of 33 colleges.

A three-year supply agreement between the 33 Cambridge Colleges and SmartestEnergy, alongside World Kinect Energy Services and Toucan Energy, will connect around 131 sites to the Stowbridge and Abbey solar farms.

Together the solar projects have a total capacity of 35MW and both are located within a thirty-mile radius of the colleges.

SmartestEnergy says the remaining 20% of the colleges’ electricity needs will be sourced from solar generators across the UK.

Nathan Dad, Head of Industrial and Commercial Supply Sales at SmartestEnergy, said: “All Cambridge Colleges can now confidently report zero-carbon emissions to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, while also realising their goal of procuring renewable energy locally.”

Giles Greenfield, Secretary of the inter-collegiate Environment Committee, said: “Our students have been very vocal about wanting to attend a sustainably-minded university that procures and supports local renewable generators.”

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