German elevator manufacturer ascends to the next level with 2030 carbon-neutral pledge

KONE aims to facilitate fleet electrification, energy efficiency and circularity measures

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of elevators and escalators, KONE, has announced plans to have carbon-neutral operations by 2030.

The German firm has committed to cut emissions from its own operations by 50% by 2030, compared to a 2018 baseline.

To reach the 50% emissions reduction goal, KONE plans to cut emissions related to its vehicle fleet and facilities – measures to transition its fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles and optimise vehicle routing for maintenance visits will be implemented.

In addition, KONE targets a 40% reduction in emissions related to products’ materials and lifetime energy use in the same target period by improving the energy efficiency and material circularity of its products.

KONE will also use carbon offsets to tackle the remaining emissions.

Henrik Ehrnrooth, President and CEO at KONE Corporation, said: “Tackling climate change is the most important challenge of our time.

“At KONE, we have a key role in making urbanisation more sustainable, and we believe that sustainable business practices are a requirement for long-term success.”

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