ENGIE provides GeniePoint Network Electric Vehicle Charging at tallest office building in Bristol

100% renewable energy for Floreat EV Drivers at Castlemead

Net Hero Podcast

ENGIE has been working alongside Floreat to provide smart electric vehicle charging facilities at its award-winning commercial property development in Bristol.

Standing at 80m tall, Castlemead is the tallest building in Bristol.  The first building in the UK to achieve a 100% Platinum Cycle Score award, its refurbishment has focused on reducing its overall carbon footprint alongside existing policies such as using 100% renewable electricity and zero to landfill.

Floreat are also encouraging tenants of Castlemead to reduce their own emission volume by promoting the switch to electric vehicles for driving to and from their place of work.

To support this change, ENGIE has installed twelve Alfen smart charging sockets providing 100% green energy to electric vehicle drivers using the private car parking facility.  The chargers are fully operated and managed by ENGIE’s GeniePoint back-office solution, which provides an easy to use interface – the GeniePoint App (available from the App Store or Google Play).  Once registered, drivers can take advantage of private, reduced cost charging which can be booked ahead per day or half-day while they are working in their office knowing their vehicle will be fully charged and ready for the next journey or homeward commute.

The GeniePoint App also gives them access to the wider nationwide GeniePoint Network stretching the length and breadth of the country providing rapid (50kW+) charging at convenient public locations. (See GeniePoint Network map-www.geniepoint.co.uk).

Greg Davison, Asset Manager at Floreat, said.  “Sustainability is at the forefront of our decision-making process and the major refurbishment of the building was the perfect opportunity to introduce new market-leading amenities for the tenants.  The focus has been on ensuring as many occupiers as possible can have the ability to travel to and from the building on a zero-emission basis.  The new sports and changing facilities for walkers, runners and cyclists combined with the GeniePoint Network electric charging stations, complement each other seamlessly.”

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, ENGIE EV Solutions, said.  “Despite significant disruption this year caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, registrations of BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) have grown 261.8% on 2019 figures.  The workplace is a major destination and dwell point for drivers, so providing reliable, accessible EV charging at the workplace is key in supporting this continued growth to enable the UK to reach net Zero status.”

Drivers of electric vehicles in the West of England also benefit from a newly installed charging network – Revive, which has over 120 chargers across Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset.  The Revive network is also operated by ENGIE’s GeniePoint Platform, so drivers signed up to GeniePoint can use all the chargers on both networks as they travel around the country.