bp and Microsoft join forces to strengthen digital energy transformation and net zero goals

The collaboration between the tech and energy giants will focus on consumer energy, smart cities, clean energy parks and industrial IoT solutions

Festival Net Zero 2021

bp and Microsoft have announced a new partnership to advance digital energy and their net zero goals.

The companies will work together to develop solutions to help meet their sustainability aims, including a reduction in energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.

Microsoft will assist in bp’s digital transformation offering cloud services and bp will supply Microsoft with clean energy to help meet the company’s 2025 renewable energy goals.

Their collaboration will focus on consumer energy, industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, smart cities and clean energy parks.

William Lin, bp’s Executive Vice President for Regions, Cities and Solutions, said: “By bringing our complementary skills and experience together, we are not only helping each other achieve our decarbonisation ambitions but also creating opportunities to support others on their journey towards reducing carbon emissions.”

Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business, commented: “A strategic partnership such as this enables each organisation to bring its unique expertise for industry-leading change and the potential to positively impact billions of lives around the world.”


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