Deutsche Bahn to begin trials of eco-diesel-powered train journeys

The testing of the new sustainable fuel is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 90%

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German rail giant Deutsche Bahn (DB) has begun the testing of new sustainable fuels in a bid to phase out diesel and become climate-neutral by 2050.

To this end, the company will trial a train running on an eco-diesel fuel that could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 90%.

Starting from October, a train travelling between Westerland and Niebüll will operate with climate-friendly eco-diesel, made entirely or partially from processed organic residues.

DB says further tests in regular rail operations are planned, with preparations being currently underway to use eco-diesel on a larger scale in regional transport in Baden-Württemberg.

Sabina Jeschke, DB Board Member for Digitisation and Technology, said: “The railways will only become climate-neutral if we say goodbye to diesel. We have to radically reduce fossil fuel consumption and bring it to zero.

“In 2050, DB will no longer drive a single vehicle with diesel. With an annual consumption of more than 250 million litres of diesel, this is a challenge and we are tackling it.”