Schneider Electric unveils blueprint to transform homes from smart to sustainable

The firm unveils the next evolution in smart home technology with new Wiser sensors, safety and temperature controls to understand room-by-room energy performance and CO2 impact, all controlled by the Wiser app

Sustainable smart homes could be a reality for consumers within the next 10 years according to Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation. Today, the firm unveils its blueprint for the Sustainable Home of the Future at IFA 2020 and launches a range of new smart home energy solutions under its Wiser brand. The new products, Power Tag, Acti9 Active and the efficient room-by-room Temperature Control system can be easily and inexpensively fitted into people’s existing homes and controlled via a single app, representing a significant step forward on the path to sustainable houses.

Residential housing is set to become the biggest consumer of electricity globally. EV charging, the electrification of heat, and increased occupancy as more people work from home will see consumers’ electricity consumption dramatically increase over the next ten years. Smart efficient energy management will be more important than ever to ensure homes are sustainably powered and intelligent enough to optimise their own energy needs, without compromising on comfort.

The Sustainable Home of the Future

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