International Federation for archery to reduce or offset emissions by at least 10% a year

World Archery has signed up to UN Sports for Climate Action initiative

The International Federation for the Olympic sport of archery has signed up to the UN Sports for Climate Action initiative, a scheme that aims at supporting sports organisations achieve global climate change goals.

World Archery has announced a goal to reduce or offset emissions by at least 10% a year.

The organisation has also pledged to take additional measures and change office policies, ensuring the minimum amount of possible waste is generated by employees, as well as new travel policies that reduce the overall number of flights taken by staff and officers.

It will also consider implementing environmentally-friendly practices during future events, including the replacement of water bottle stations with fountains and the use of reusable bottles for participants.

The federation also says it will work to ensure any commercial deals with current and potential sponsors will reflect its commitment to carbon-neutrality.

World Archery Secretary General Tom Dielen said: “Archery is a sport best enjoyed in the great outdoors and it is all of our responsibilities to ensure the environment remains secure for generates to come.

“We might not be the worst culprits in terms of carbon emission general but we hope this sends a clear message that change must happen everywhere. By being responsible for our actions, we will contribute to the planet becoming carbon-neutral.”


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