Friday 28 August 2020

Sky’s Bigger Picture: ‘This next decade is crucial for people to act’

Sky’s Bigger Picture: ‘This next decade is crucial for people to act’

This next decade is crucial for people to act upon climate change.

That's the suggestion from Fiona Ball, Director of 'Bigger Picture' at Sky who spoke to FNZ about the various ways the British broadcaster uses its voice to inspire people about the world and encourage them to live low carbon lifestyles.

Bigger Picture is the name of the social and environmental programme which underpins Sky's commitment to becoming carbon-neutral by 2030.

In terms of how difficult it is for large corporations like Sky to develop 'big picture thinking' Ms Ball said: "You need ambition when you want to transform the business and world, you live in.

"It's important for a business of our size to understand where the footprint is and where the carbon emissions are. When you know where they are it's easier to set the pathway."

However, many commentators insist that the TV and film industry have still a long way to go when it comes to operating more sustainably, such as reducing the amount of energy needed to power sets, cameras, lighting and studio facilities, post-production and costumes.

Sky seems to have taken the first necessary steps to pave the way toward carbon-neutrality - it has already received carbon-neutral certification on all 41 UK-commissioned original productions in 2019, Sky Sports recently became the first sports broadcaster to sign UN climate change commitment and pledges to create the world's most eco-friendly film and TV studio.

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Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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