German micromobility operator launches ‘first-ever’ e-scooter with swappable batteries

The new e-scooter model enables​ ​riders to exchange batteries​ at charging stations, allowing them to earn free rides

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German micromobility operator TIER has launched the ‘first-ever’ scooter with swappable batteries in a bid to offer a more sustainable alternative to urban transport.

The new e-scooter model enables​ ​riders to exchange batteries​ at charging stations allowing them to earn free rides – these charging stations will be placed inside stores, cafés and other partner locations.

The new e-scooter network aims to achieve sustainable operations and eliminate much of the congestion and noise pollution previously associated with operating e-scooter fleets, as well as cutting recharge costs.

The new technology will initially be deployed in Tampere, Finland, where a 1,000-scooter fleet will be supported by a network of 50 charging stations across the city.

The firm says it plans to introduce the same swappable battery to its portfolio of shared vehicles so that in the future all will be powered by the same charging network.

Lawrence Leuschner, CEO and Co-Founder of TIER, said: “Today marks a step-change in safe and sustainable travel around our cities.

“By integrating this new kind of swappable battery technology, we are building a Europe-wide charging network that allows users to play an active part in adopting climate-neutral travel and building better cities.”