Gresham House backs project to decarbonise coal and steel while avoiding landfill use

The alternative asset manager is helping to build Waste Knot Energy’s first alternative fuel pelleting plant in Teesside

Gresham House has financially backed an alternative fuel project being developed by Waste Knot Energy.

The project has secured the funding from the alternative asset manager's British Strategic Investment Fund (BSIF) to build Waste Knot Energy's first alternative fuel pelleting plant, which aims to reduce waste going to landfill whilst providing a fuel to replace coal and pet coke, reducing global carbon emissions.

The businesses say the pellets offer a reliable, low-emission bulk alternative to coal and pet-coke for energy-intensive industries such as cement and steel - construction is already underway at the first site in Teesside, which is forecast manufacture more than 240,000 tonnes of fuel pellets each year.

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