Gaia Says No! Episode 8 – Money

Listen in as ethical finance expert Clare Brook joins us to discuss this emotive and often divisive issue

Net Hero Podcast

Thanks as ever for listening in to our new series “Gaia Says No!” – exploring the nature of human activities on the planet.

In this episode environmental campaigner Angus Forbes, analyst Alex Milward and I are joined by Clare Brook, CEO of the Blue Marine Foundation and a former environmental financier. She joins us to talk about that dreaded word…money!

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Is it the route of all evil or is it the pathway to saving us all? After all, if cash is invested in the right products and services which promote the health of the planet don’t we all benefit?

Listen in as we discuss the pros and cons and possibilities, of how money can help or hinder our path to net zero and a better home.

Honest opinion and some strong language.

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