Mitie launches net zero landscaping service to limit carbon footprint of cities

The service is zero waste to landfill and will use only EVs, electric tools and no chemicals

Facilities management firm Mitie has launched a new landscaping service to help reduce emissions in big cities.

The service brings together low carbon technologies ensuring zero landfill waste, zero single-use plastic and will only operate electric vehicles (EVs) and battery-powered equipment, including electric trimmers, leaf blowers and lawnmowers.

The offering, which aims to help the company reach its net zero target by 2025, will also use an electric van fitted with solar panels on its roof to generate renewable energy, which will be used to charge the landscape equipment.

The Plan Zero City Landscaping service has also replaced all chemicals, such as pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, for environmentally-friendly techniques to further reduce the impact on the environment.

Tim Howell, Managing Director at Mitie, said: “Our new Plan Zero City Landscaping service offers the most sustainable service possible, from the choice of vehicles and tools, all the way through to how waste is disposed of.

“While there’s still a way to go in the fight against climate change, we’re proud to be leading the industry with this sustainability-first approach to help to create greener cities.”

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