Harnessing the lessons of Covid-19 to restart the zero carbon journey

As businesses begin the recovery out of the Covid-19 crisis, we must put zero carbon at the heart of the economic recovery to ensure we avoid an even greater global crisis

The Covid-19 crisis has delivered a shock to the world, the impacts of which will be felt for many years to come. It has also demonstrated the need for people, businesses and governments around the world to respond in swift, coordinated and effective ways to limit the spread of the disease – and combat the crisis together.

As businesses begin the recovery from this health emergency, they face many urgent priorities, from safeguarding the well-being of employees to managing costs and regenerating profitable operations. Before the crisis, many had been making significant progress towards achieving zero carbon. As we slowly emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown, it’s important not to forget that the greatest long-term threat to the planet remains climate change.

Climate change poses the greatest risk to the planet

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