Wednesday 22 July 2020

Bayer to pay farmers to capture carbon in a ‘smart-agriculture’ initiative

Bayer to pay farmers to capture carbon in a ‘smart-agriculture’ initiative

German chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer has launched a new pilot programme which will pay farmers in Brazil and the US for capturing carbon.

The scheme, which is designed to help the agricultural sector reduce its carbon footprint and greenhouse (GHG) gas emissions, will reward farmers for generating carbon credits by adopting climate-smart practices, such as no-till farming, which decreases the amount of soil erosion, as well as the use of cover crops.

This year's programme includes approximately 1,200 farmers who will receive assistance to implement environmental-friendly practices.

Bayer will then purchase the corresponding amount of carbon removals.

The firm says this carbon initiative forms part of its sustainability commitments aimed at reducing field GHG emissions by 30% in 2030.

Brett Begemann, Chief Operating Officer of Bayer’s Crop Science division, said: “Farmers are passionate environmentalists and stewards of the lands they farm.

"Their lives and livelihoods depend on the weather, and they are some of the first to be affected by drought, flooding and extreme conditions. If anyone has a vested interest in battling climate change, it’s farmers and we are committed to developing new business models like this unique carbon initiative to help them in that fight.

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Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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