Monday 20 July 2020

Gaia says no! Episode 5 – Authority it’s ours to give!

Gaia says no!  Episode 5 – Authority it’s ours to give!

Thanks as ever for listening in to our new series "Gaia Says No!" - exploring the nature of human activities on the planet.

In the fifth episode environmental campaigner Angus Forbes, analyst Alex Milward and I are joined by a very special guest, Cindy Forde. She's an educationalist, UN advisor, campaigner and rebel! Following last week's episode we continue the discussion around the creation of an authority to help protect our planet.

Cindy talks us through the way authority works - it's not something we should fear, however as most 'authority' is given by us to others to act in our best interests. So should we really just let the politicians and diplomats get on with it? Or with the advent of a much more globally connected world, should we the people all get together and push for what we want?

Should it come down to civil disobedience? Rebellion even?

We cover the whole gamet of ideas around the way we need to govern ourselves to make the Earth better. Thanks to Cindy for her great insight and you can find out more about her educational program here.

Honest opinion and some strong language.

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Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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